A Bad Beginning

It looked like the other houses in the area – big, over-the-top, and modern with a twist. Like some sort of Hollywood setting, though it was really in a somewhat smaller city near the coast. But it wasn’t the house he was here for. Rather, it was what was inside. CB climbed the steps cautiously, … More A Bad Beginning

Blank Screens

“Argh, why won’t anything work?!” she pushed back from her desk, fuming. She felt like punching the screen in front of her. The blank, white screen. This was the fifth time tonight it had become blank. That’s what they don’t tell you about blank screens, she thought. They never stay that way.   She stood … More Blank Screens

Brett Lott – On Life

I’ve been having trouble writing lately. That’s not really news – I think most writers have trouble writing. Especially when they’re young, busy, and unpracticed. But that doesn’t make it any less upsetting. Most writers, I believe, will tell you what they have trouble with. Plotting, dialogue, character development – thesis choosing, quote integration, analysis, … More Brett Lott – On Life

Thoughts on Vocations

“Vocation” is a ridiculously vague word. An originally religious term, vocation has been increasingly secularized over the years to mean everything from your calling to your 9-5 to joining your local priesthood. What a word. Two of those definitions are (theoretically, at least) easy enough to understand. Your job is, well, your job. It’s the … More Thoughts on Vocations

A Minute

I’ve been posting a lot of my old writing on here. Originally, I intended to write much more original content for this blog. But college is, as I’m sure you know, extremely demanding and the opportunity to get ahead on an assignment by sharing work I’ve already done is all too enticing during this stressful … More A Minute

Creative Collaboration – Sort Of

Two of my classmates and I did an interesting exercise today – we wrote a story together. Sort of. I’ve written stories with another writer before. Well, a story, if you want to get technical. However, Mandy’s and I’s approach to creative collaboration has always been distinctly collaborative. We use google docs to, quite literally, write together. … More Creative Collaboration – Sort Of


Changes Chapter 1 – Suz I hurried to scribble in the answers, my hands practically flying over the papers as I wrote. It was five minutes to the bell and I was, once again, sitting in the library, furiously attacking my math homework that was due in T-minus 300 seconds and counting. Needless to say, … More Changes