Up to Six Weeks

Kaladin Stormblessed, main character of Brandon Sanderson’s epic fantasy novel, Way of the Kings, has depression. At least, I think he does. I’m not sure if it’s true depression, not sure if I would be able to recognize it even if it was, but the more I see of him, the more I become convinced. His … More Up to Six Weeks


Please don’t let it be of me Please don’t let me search for glory Please don’t let it be for me Let it be for you   Do I write for myself? Do I write for praise? I know the answer But please don’t let it be so   I know I write So that … More Should

Thrift it Up

There once was a store full of books They filled all the crannies and nooks  By thrifters they were found And adored all around Until they saw the prices and spooked I spent my Saturday at the beach. My group of friends are introverts. Busy introverts. Saturdays at the beach, lovely as they are, don’t happen very often. … More Thrift it Up

Golden Insanity

Pierce Brown is the author of the Red Rising trilogy, a series which almost instantly made my top three favorites of all time. I could write post after post describing how the cultures, the religions, the bravado, the flair, drew me in and never let go but today I’m going to put aside my extreme love … More Golden Insanity

What Process?

Two weeks ago I had to write a paper on my writing process. While writing it, I discovered something interesting. Contrary to long-held belief, I do have a process. My process is, in fact, a lack of process. It works surprisingly well for me. My non-process usually begins with a draft. A first draft. A very, … More What Process?

Money WellSpent

Budgeting is hard. Almost as hard as finding an app that helps you do it. The amount of budgeting apps is insane. I should know. I’ve tried most of them. Mint, You Need A Budget, Wally, GoodBudget, Mvelopes – I’ve tried every one at least briefly. Some of them still send me emails. These budgeting … More Money WellSpent

My Favorite Scene

Today’s post comes from one of my incomplete novels, Changes. As with all old writing it’s far from perfect but in 50,000 words of mess, it serves as a constant reminder that even in your worst writing failures, there’s something to smile at. I hope it makes you smile too. I shifted the straps of my backpack. … More My Favorite Scene